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Robert D. Healthcare Executive, John Hopkins Hospital
“Jordan’s Medical Log is an absolute tool to be utilized with patients who have chronic disease to help clinicians provide the best care possible. Furthermore, it can used for other issues as well.

I would highly recommend for any organization to partner with her in this endeavour! It is the little things in life that make a big difference and Jordan has the pulse of it! She has a bright future and I hope to collaborate with her in the future!”

Johnny Meier – Founder/Owner at My Community Pharmacy and Pharmacanna
“As mentioned we love offering LML to our patients in order to ensure they stay compliant with their medication regimen. Having a log like yours gives the patient or caregiver a system for accountability.

 If these individuals had access to your logs and utilized them as a tool this number would surely be reduced exponentially.

Lastly, if patients had these logs to review with their prescribers and pharmacist there would be a better collaboration for the health and well-being of the patient.  I commend you for what you're doing and hope more people see and adopt your vision.”