Essential Log (6"x8")
Essential Log (6"x8")
Essential Log (6"x8")
Essential Log (6"x8")

Essential Log (6"x8")

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Our new 6 by 8" essential log is only $12.99 to support cancer survivors!

We wanted to make our all in one medical logs a user friendly option that fits in a purse, backpack and suitcase easily. 

Keep accurate track of pain & symptoms
 Appointment Notes
 Human body charts
 52-week pain & symptom tracker
 Sleep/pain/migraines
 Log is for 1 whole year

Easy Viewing for you/physicians/caregivers
 Visually see progress/challenges
 Monitor changes while using medication
 Monitor change in activity
 Accountability tool to monitor your health/lifestyle

Every month we support a specific cause, help us make a difference while providing you a vital tool to take control of your health. 


6 Inches wide by 8 Inches long


These medical logs are provided for your personal use once purchased. Following purchase, any personal health information (PHI) you enter in the logs is your responsibility.

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