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Reviews from our real customers

This is a perfect way to keep all of our information. I have purchased one for me and my daughter. Thank you so much

Teri R

Effective tool for my fiance to utilize everyday in her efforts to stay organized and keep a handle on her symptoms and treatment. 

Steve P.

I am so thankful to have found this company and the logs. I ordered one as a gift for my mom and one for myself. 

Fran K.

I absolutely love the essential book I ordered, the book has taken away the overwhelming factor of battling my new diagnosis.

Krissy C.

Limitless Medical Logs has been great with keeping track of medical information for myself and my family! 

Hilary K.

Multiple doctors, tests and symptoms which all can be tracked in their logs. 


A great way to keep track of your diet, physical and emotional changes. Perfect record to take to your doctor visits.

Arlene S.

A valuable resource to have on hand as a caregiver. The book's pages were set up in a way that made keeping track of visits, specialists, medical history, medical contacts and more. 

Kristen E.

"Star athlete to brain surgery survivor to young entrepreneur before age 21" - CBS12