About Limitless

Limitless Medical Logs®
Created for you, by someone just like you. 


Our Story

“I created Limitless during my own health fight, seeing the need for improved patient-doctor communication is invaluable”.

Jordan Ray, Founder


We are patients just like you. We understand how hard a health journey is and we are on it with you. Our Founder, Jordan Ray saw the need for our medical journals and app when she was only 17 years old preparing for major brain surgery.

Our medical journal and app empowers you as a patient and vitally improves communication with yourself, caregivers and doctors. Both the App & the Journal provide a roadmap on how to stay organized and to prepare for upcoming appointments.


Limitless was founded for patients, by a patient. Limitless puts you in the driver’s seat of your health.


We just launched our give back program which aligns with our mission. Every month we will support a specific cause, such as cancer awareness and donate a set amount of journals